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Lecturing, responsible instructor and supervisor

I have been lecturing in a total of 34 courses, covering twelve different biological areas, mainly ecological, and been responsible instructor for 24 different courses, held 65 times op to now. As the responsible instructor, I have the official responsibility and managing authority for these courses. This includes, e.g., planning and revising the courses (preparation of course description and instructional plan), lecturing and arranging potential lecturers and arranging examinations. Additionally I have been supervisor for 15 bachelor’s and one master’s project, covering a wide range of biological subjects.


In my position at the University of the Faroe Islands, I have been lecturing in the following 39 courses:

Responsible instructor

I have been responsible instructor for 24 different courses, held 65 times op to now


Up to now, I have been supervisor for one master and 16 bachelor projects, listed below. 

MSc project:

Meinhard Poulsen (2005): Yearly variations in abundance and fish sizes of late pelagic cod juveniles (Gadus morhua L.) in the Faroe area described by the otolith microstructure. University of Copenhagen, Denmark. 


BSc project

Lars Larsen Black (2011). Investigation of brown trout (Salmo trutta) in three Faroese lakes.

Helga Bára Morh Vang and Hannipoula Olsen (2010). Effect of climate change on the distribution patterns of fish species around the Faroe Islands. 

Jógvan Fróði Garðshorn Hansen (in progress). A morphological description of a local species of Chaetopterus (Polychaeta, Annelida) and general biology of the genus.  

Noomi Gregersen and Heidi S. Hansen (2007). A study on the Faroese mice: an attempt to clarify whether the Faroese mice are Mus musculus musculus or Mus musculus domesticus, if the mice are different between the islands and the origin of the mice. 

Hugin K. Mortensen (2007). Blue Mussels as biomarkers: An investigation of the charerteristics of blue mussels (Mytilus edulis) as biomarkers in the marine coastal environment (in Danish) [Blåmuslinger som biomarkører: En undersøgelse af blåmuslingens (Mytilus edulis) egenskaber som biomarkører i det marine, kystnære miljø].  

Marita Debess Magnussen (2004): Ecology of poor cod (Trisopterus minutus) on the Faroe Bank. 

Jack Hummeland Jacobsen and John Joensen (2004): Comparison of bait in longline fishery. 

Sølvi Espeland and Petra E. Hansen (2004): Prevention of Saprolegnia on Rainbow trout eggs. 

Agnes Mols Mortensen (2002): Sublittoral macroalgae community on Suðuroy. Three localities with different degree of exposure (in Danish) [Sublittorale makroalgesamfund på Suðuroy. Tre lokaliteter med forskellig eksponeringsgrad]. 

Fróði Bjarkason Skúvadal (2002): Diet of gannet - stomach analyses of gannet chicks from Mykineshólm (in Danish) [Sulens fødevalg - maveundersøgelser af suleunger i Mykines holm]. 

Ingi Joensen (2002): IPN and stress in relation to size distribution of Atlantic salmon fry (Salmo salar L.). 

Kirstin Eliasen and Laura Mary Jacobsen (2002): Distribution and number of the house sparrows on the Faroe Islands, investigated from a metapopulation perspective (in Danish). [Gråspurvens udbredelse og antal på Færøerne set ud fra et metapopulations perspektiv]. 

Vivie Kirke Petersen (2002): Potato growing experiments on the Faroe Islands (in Faroese) [Royndir við eplavelting í Føroyum]. 

Gunvør á Norði and Meinhard Poulsen (2000): Food and feed possibilities of cod and haddock juveniles on the Faroe Shelf and on the Faroe Bank. (in Danish) [Føde og fødevalg hos torske- og kulleryngel på Færøplateauet og Færøbanken.

Hjørdis Joensen Højsted (2000): Can the stomach content in net-hatched puffins reveal changes in their food supply? (in Danish) [Kan maveindeholdet hos flejede lunder afsløre ændringer i fødetilgangen]. 

Beinta Johannesen (1998): Food and feed possibilities of black guillemot (Cepphus grylle), eider (Somateria mollisima) and top cormorant (Phalacrocorax aristotelis) around the Faroe Islands (in Danish) [Føde og fødevalg hos tejst, Cepphus grylle, edderfugl, Somateria mollisima og topskarv, Phalacrocorax aristotelis ved Færøerne