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  • Professor of Information- and Communication Technology (ICT) & Degree Programme Director for Software Engineering

Courses (2010-) in B.Sc. in Software Engineering: Introduction to Computer Science, The Software Engineering Profession, Computer Networks and Data Communication, Statistical Methods in Software Engineering, Web Applications: ASP.NET with C#, IT-Project, Bachelor Project.

Research interests
  • Computational data analysis and statistical modelling with R (main focus)
  • Statistical consultancy & collaboration/supervision of MSc/PhD-students and other researchers
  • Biostatistics, bioinformatics and genomics (Big Data) (current projects)
  • Web- and mobile applications development, secure data storage and data communications (industrial applications, BSc.-student supervison)
  • Physics, applied mathematics and statistics (general research interests)
  • Growth and optical Characterisation of GaAs quantum quantum wires (subject of my PhD, previous main focus)
Latest publications

H. Gislason, H. Karstensen, D. H. Christiansen, K. Hjelde, S. Helland, G.Bæverfjord, ”Rib and vertebral deformities in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) explained by a dominant-mutation mechanism”, Aquaculture vol. 309, pp. 86-95, (2010)

A. G. Kolbeinshavn, P. Vestergaard, Ø. Patursson, H. Gislason, ”Rapid growth of farmed cod in sea cages in the Faroe Islands”, Aquaculture vol. 358–359, pp. 224-233, (2012)

J. Rasmussen, O. W. Nielsen, N. Janzen, M. Duno, H. Gislason*, L. Køber, U. Steuerwald, A. M. Lund, ”Carnitine levels in 26,462 individuals from the nationwide screening program for primary carnitine deficiency in the Faroe Islands”, J Inherit Metab Dis. [Epub ahead of print] (2013). (*Erratum 2014, author added)

J. Rasmussen, A. M. Lund, L. Risom, F. Wibrand, H. Gislason, O. W. Nielsen, L. Køber and M. Duno, ”Residual OCTN2 transporter activity, carnitine levels and symptoms correlate in patients with Primary Carnitine Deficiency”, Mol. Genet. Metab. Rep., 1:241-248 (2014)

M.D. Magnussen, S. Gaini, H. Gislason, K. G. Kristinsson, “Antibacterial resistance in Streptococcus pyogenes (GAS) from healthy carriers and tonsillitis patients and association with antibacterial sale in the Faroe Islands.” APMIS (2016)Article first published online: 2 FEB 2016, Manuscript Accepted: 10 DEC 2015.

Journal papers in preparation:

M.D. Magnussen, S. Gaini, H. Gislason and K.G. Kristinsson, "Antibacterial susceptibility of Escherichia coli from community acquired urinary tract infections in the Faroe Islands and associations with antibacterial use", (to be submitted in 2016).

H. Gislason et al. ”Simulation and prediction of Sea Lice epidemics in Faroese Salmon farms by statistical modelling of Sea Lice counting data”, (Aquaculture, to be submitted in 2016).