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Note 1: gap in publication list due to a period in IT-industry (Faroese Telecom, IT-developer, 1999-2005), and a period of mainly administrative work (Fiskaaling, Research Manager, 2005-2008).

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Note 2: since 2009, up to about 50% of my work is assigned to research and 50% to teaching and administrative duties (University of the Faroe Islands, Professor, 2009-.

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Journal papers in preparation:

M.D. Magnussen, S. Gaini, H. Gislason and K.G. Kristinsson, "Antibacterial susceptibility of Escherichia coli from community acquired urinary tract infections in the Faroe Islands and associations with antibacterial use", (to be submitted in 2016).

H. Gislason et al. ”Simulation and prediction of Sea Lice epidemics in Faroese Salmon farms by statistical modelling of Sea Lice counting data”, (Aquaculture, to be submitted in 2016).