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Research Interests
  • Computational data analysis and statistical modelling with R (main focus)
  • Statistical consultancy & collaboration/supervision of MSc/PhD-students and other researchers
  • Biostatistics, bioinformatics and genomics (Big Data) (current projects)
  • Web- and mobile applications development, secure data storage and data communications (industrial applications, BSc.-student supervison)
  • Physics, applied mathematics and statistics (general research interests)
  • Growth and optical Characterisation of GaAs quantum quantum wires (subject of my PhD, previous main focus)
Research Projects
  • Computational data analysis and statistical modelling with R:
    • Statistical modelling of Sea Lice counting data (H. Gislason, University of the Faroe Islands, Fiskaaling)

  • Biostatistics, bioinformatics and genomics (Big Data, planned projects):
    • “A statistical pre-investigation of variation in whole-genome DNA sequence data from a small subset of the Faroese population.” H. Gislason, the Department of Science and Technology, University of the Faroe Islands; G. Andórsdóttir, the Genetic Biobank, Faroe Islands;  B. Steig, Queen Alexandries Hospital, Faroe Islands; G. McVean, The Department of Statistics, University of Oxford. Approved application (24/8-2014) by the Faroese Ethical Committee.
    • “Sequencing the North Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) genome and development of a genetic stock management tool - The Hergen 2014 project.” Hans Atli Dahl et al.: Amplexa Genetics, the Faroe Marine Research Institute, the Faroese Veterinary Agency and the University of the Faroe Islands.

  • Biostatistical collaboration/supervision of:
    • 2011-14 PhD-project: “Primary Carnitine Deficiency in the Faroe Islands - an epidemiological and clinical study” by Jan Rasmussen, the University Hospital, Faroe Islands.
    • 2013-14 MSc-project: “The effect of exposure on sea lice population dynamics in Faroese salmon farms” by Esbern Patursson, Fiskaaling, Faroe Islands.
    • 2014- PhD-project: “Antimicrobial resistance in Streptococcus pneumoniae, Streptococcus pyogenes and Escherichia coli from the Faroese population, correlation with antimicrobial use and comparison with Denmark and Iceland” by Marita Debess Magnussen, Faroese Food- and veterinary authority & University of Iceland.