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In progress:

A push for trilingualism from below: The case of the Faroe Islands (working title)
A study in progress among Faroese youth on language attitudes to Faroese, Danish and English.

The responsiveness of language planning institutions
A study on how linguistic purism translates into de facto language policies and the responsiveness of the Faroese language planning institutions in this process.

Gender studies

Gender and power in the Nordic countries
A joint Nordic project commissioned by the Nordic gender equality ministers. Purpose of study to was to highlight mechanisms behind structural power from a gender perspective. 

Welfare in the West-Nordic countries – a gender perspective
A joint study between Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands, partly funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers and partly by the institutions involved. The aim of study was to investigate in what way (how) welfare services can empower/support the role of women in these societies. 

In progress:

Female migration and mobility in the Faroe Islands
A study on female migration and mobility patterns of women in peripheral areas. The study seeks to investigate and elucidate push and pull factors causing this kind of selective migration.

The sociology og langauge

Language use and linguistic nationalism in the Faroe Islands
Published in International Journal of Multilingualism. The study investigates how language policy processes respond to sociolinguistic reality in small language communities like the Faroe Islands.