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Language policy and language rights
An interdisciplinary course on language policy and language rights examining the relationship between language, society and politics. During the course, it is analysed how language policies both reflect and actively (re)produce socio-political realities in various contexts and social spheres. 2011.

Føroya Studentaskúli og HF-skeið Tórshavn
An upper-secondary school with about 600 students aged between 15-19 years. Teacher of English and social science working with classes of up to 24 students.    Teaching up to educational level A in social science and level B in English. External co-examiner in social science, internal co-examiner in English. 
2002 – 2006.

Niels Brock, Copenhagen Business College
Provider of upper secondary education, higher education and a range of business programmes including vocational training. Teacher of adult education in marketing, English and international trade, teaching up to level B in English and level C in marketing and international trade as an optional subject. Supervisor of school leaving projects. 2002.