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Improved techniques for processing and interpretation of seismic data from the Glyvursnes-Vestmanna Seismic Tie (GlyVeST)

Kanningar í boriholinum í Vestmanna

The objective of the project, in summary, is to correlate geologically, that is, to obtain a seismic tie, between the two relatively well surveyed borehole sites at Glyvursnes and Vestmanna. By recording both onshore and offshore seismic data as well as using improved techniques for processing and interpretation of these data, we hope to provide answers to several questions regarding the significant geologic differences observed between the two locations.

This project started in 2006 and is financed by NVD and the oilcompanies Statoil and BP through the SINDRI project, and also by Phillips Petroleum through the PUFFIN Project.

Further information

For further information you are welcome to contact:

Khanh Duc Ngyuen, PhD-student
Hilmar Simonsen, PhD-student
Robert James (Jim) Brown, professor,  Ph.D., supervisor.