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Program 2011

Bottom frames and buoy's equipped with ADCP's ready for deployment on the deck of R/V Magnus Heinasson.

 30. Aug.: Introduction. Welcome to the students. Background for the course. General description of the region and its coupling to the World Ocean. (Bogi Hansen). 

31. Aug.: Large shelf areas. (Corinna Schrum). 

1. Sep.: Large-scale features and climate variations. (Hjálmar Hátún

2. Sep.: Case study: The Faroe Shelf. (Karin M. H. Larsen, Eilif Gaard, Petur Steingrund

5. Sep.: Physical characteristics of the Atlantic domain in observations and models. (Bogi Hansen, Knud Simonsen

6. Sep.: Ecological characteristics of the Atlantic Domain and the Pelagic complex. (Høgni Debes

7. Sep.: Physical and ecological characteristics of the Subarctic domain. (Steingrímur Jónsson

8. Sep.: Climate change and its implications for the Northeast Atlantic/Nordic Seas. Closure. (Bogi Hansen ). 

Appr. structure of the days:

  • 3-5 hours lectures 
  • Two or more student presentations
  • Report writeing

One late afternoon:

  • Presentation of the planned new Faroese research vessel
  • Laboratories and oceanographic instrumentation at FMRI
  • Visit onboard R/V Magnus Heinasson