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Travel and Accommondation

Travel to/from the Faroe Islands

By Sea:  The ferry Norrøna is sailing connecting Torshavn and Hirtshals in Denmark twice and Siglifirði in Iceland and Torshavn once every week in the summer season. More information at

By air:  The local air carrier Atlantic Airways ( )is connecting the Faroe Islands to

  • Denmark: Copenhagen (1-3 times daily), Billund (daily)
  • Iceland: Reykjavik (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
  • Norway: Bergen (Twice weekly, but the exact days in August are not confirmed yet)
  • UK: London (Monday, Thursday)


Transportation in the Faroes
Map of Torshavn with the most important course sites indicated. (Source

To/from the Airport

Updated information about  transportation to/from the airport is  available

There is fairly frequent bus connections from the airport to Torshavn (The blue buses). The ride takes about one hour and cost 90 DKK (at least in 2011). The timetable is available at The destination in Torshavn is at the bus terminal at the harbor. 

An alternative is to take an 'airport shuttle', which will bring you directly to your destination. The cost for this alternative is 175 DKK for each person. This is also about one hour drive. 

Or finally, you may take a taxi from the airport, or when you arrive at the bus terminal, - a taxi station is in the terminal building.

Local busses in Torshavn

For transport in Torshavn the red city buses are a good alternative. They are free.  You may find timetables and route maps at The main place for changes between the variouse routes is at Steinatun, which is indicated on the attached map. 

For those of you staying at the hospital student/personal college

The hospital is about 20 minutes walk from the terminal. If you come to Torshavn with the 'blue buses' and want to use a city bus on  the last distance to the hospital area, you may jump of the 'blue bus' at the shopping center SMS (a gray/black building on the right- the stop is immediately after a small round about) and wait there for the red bus no 2 or 4. 


Hostels and hotels

Just to start with the most expensive option: Information about the hostels is provided here and the hotels here.


Option two is to rent an apartment to all (or several) of you from a tourist agency. These apartments cost appr. 850-950 DKK/night (for all) + payment for final cleaning (500 DKK). For 12 nights this will cost appr. (11 x 900+500)/5= 2080 DKK/each (every 7'th night is free). Some of the apartments have 3, - may be 4 rooms,  and maybe  some of you may share rooms (In the worst case maybe also a double bed). You may check the alternatives here.

The hospital staff college

In 2011 we were available to assist the course participants with accommodation in the student/personal college own by the local hospital. Currently, we do not know if the same option will be available in 2012. The hospital priority are to serve the need of the hospital personal first, but we will let the coarse participants know asap.

This student/personal college is located about 250 m from our institute and about 600 m to the city center. There you have individual rooms, but are sharing kitchen and bath/toilets. The bath/toilets are cleaned by the staff every day, but the guests are responsible to keep the kitchen. In 2011 the price here was quite affourdable, also for a student budget.